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We offer a wide range of services, designed to help Bitcoin miners invest their Bitcoins at great interest rates. We are based in London and have in our employ investment professionals from advanced computer technology to engineering.

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Payments are instant. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC.
Interest accumulate automatically. No fees applied.


daily interest forever

Min. Amount 0.001 BTC

Max. Amount 4.99999999 BTC


daily interest forever

Min. Amount 5 BTC

Max. Amount 9.99999999 BTC


daily interest forever

Min. Amount 10 BTC

Max. Amount NO LIMIT

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Referral program is tiered in 3 levels 5%-2%-1%

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Bitexplosion is an legal and licensed company incorporated in the UK

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We use powerful dedicated servers and protected from DDoS attacks

We Continue to Strive for Excellence

As a company that strives to stay in the forefront of the Bitcoin industry, we are active in the Bitcoin mining market. As a result, we can offer our numerous clients good investment opportunities. Our continuous use of advanced infrastructure and automated payment processing has enabled us to find ways to offer more to our clients. Bitexplosion offers an investment platform for Bitcoin mining in such a way to prevent any form of loss to our investors.